A tourist scene on a street corner in Latin Quarter, Paris
I met Enrik on the park bench near the Nation Square for a short chat. He is from Toulouse, lives on the street and feels at home in Paris.
For a week I walk the streets of Paris photographing and being part of the urban life.
The "Place de la Nation" invites for a break under green trees.
Anyone who walks attentively through Paris will, sooner or later, encounter the messengers of God, angels that can be found everywhere in the city on historic buildings.
Looking through the trees at the apartments up there, the real estate prices that have become unaffordable almost everywhere in Europe flash through my mind.
Encounters on the street are usually momentary.
I found these flyers scattered on the ground. A woman offers professional help.
A shopkeeper near this intersection told me that she has never noticed the angel on the front of the building, even though she has worked here for several years.
I have never seen a headless angel, until now.
A man on the street at the entrance of a store.
Credits: Many thanks to Leonardo for the helpful comments and the support of the staff teams.
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