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From home and far away places. I share here from time to time new single images taken with either an analogue or a digital camera.
Traditional Day
The portraits features young people who participated in a school festival commemorating the "Traditional Day," held as part of Cameroon's National Youth Day celebrations on February 11, 2024.
The Bamileke are a bantoid ethnic group in western regions of Cameroon, especially in the Cameroon grasslands. They comprise around 90 small principalities, called chefferie, headed by a Fon who acts as the local lord and is supported by a traditional court.
24/7 Bakery
Fresh goods, around the clock, for the city that never sleeps.
Walking Paris
Pictures taken during a 5-day summer course on Photojournalism & Creative Documentary at Spéos-Photos Paris.
Good Friday
On Good Friday, I took my camera to the streets of Yaoundé to photograph the annual Stations of the Cross, an important event in which many Christians participate.
Dress Making Course
The economy in Cameroon's capital is booming. Construction is taking place on almost every street corner, and small businesses and educational opportunities are springing up everywhere. I have portrayed young women who are learning the art of tailoring to become later independent entrepreneurs.
Work on the Field
Dark clouds on the horizon announce the first rain and a young woman begins to work the soil.
Once in Sosola
There are religious who want to create a bridge between life and faith by making the apparently invisible visible. One of them, who still inspires people today, is Engelbert Mveng, Jesuit and artist.
Joie De Vivre
A small village in Ntchisi district becomes the stage for young people who dance to the rhythm of the tam-tams to express their joy. I was there with my camera.
Gule Wamkulu
After receiving permission to take photographs, I took these pictures of the Gule Wamkulu in Malomo. The inauguration of the TA, the traditional authority, also took place on this special day.
Passion Play
The images captured here are quite unique. With my camera in hand, I had the opportunity to participate in Passion plays in Kaphatika, Ntchisi District in Malawi, documenting this significant event.
Concrete Job
For over a year in Malawi, I embarked on a journey between two construction sites, using my Leica M-D to document the traditional methods of house building. These methods typically involve manual labor without the assistance of heavy machinery.
Thatch Roofing
In Malawi, traditional construction methods still thrive. In the southern village of Sosola, local craftsmen used straw from Lake Malawi's region to roof a student dormitory.
Coming home
In India, I had the opportunity to capture this photo with my camera. At this particular moment, only one shot was possible, which I took with the Leica M8 and with the help of a mounted flash.
There are still some photographs in the archive that haven't completely faded into obscurity, and occasionally, I take the time to showcase a special image here.
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